Therapeutic Interventions

I define my therapeutic approach and style as eclectic. Imagine a wagon wheel…the hub of the wheel reflects my eclectic ideology and the array of spokes represent the varying theories/approaches/interventions I implement when working with clients. Behind this thinking and therapeutic style, I believe that not one “style” or therapeutic approach fits every single individual. Humans are complex and fascinating, simply trying to work with clients and apply one therapeutic approach would not be honoring the self-determination of each client. I model eclecticism in all client interactions.    -Courtney Porter, LCSW

Therapists and Counselors use different theories as frameworks through which they interpret a client’s behaviors, feelings and thoughts.  I use a holistic/integrative theory, involving a variety of different therapeutic interventions, depending on a client’s needs and desired outcome.  Interventions like Cognitive Behavioral TherapySolution Focused Brief TherapyInterpersonal Therapy and Mindfulness can all be useful to address various issues that might need to be addressed.  When working with couples and families, I primarily use The Gottman Method -Kelly-Jane Monahan, LCSW

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Eclectic Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

The Gottman Method